Paypal Tutorial

After you click on a PayPal Donate button, you will be taken to a PayPal payment page.

As example, the page for the 100,000@$10+ Campaign looks like:

PayPal step 1

You first enter your intended donation amount (Red Circle A), and then can either
  1. pay directly by entering credit card information (Red Circle B)
  2. or login to your existing PayPal account (Red Circle C)
If you seldom use your PayPal account, or don't mind entering credit card information, you can choose the first option and need not login to a PayPal account. We will illustrate the details of both options below.

1. Pay without using a PayPal Account

After clicking this option, you will be directed to a page where you fill out credit card and contact information:

PayPal donation

After filling in all information and click “Review Donation and Continue” in the bottom, you will be shown a Confirmation Page much like two figures before, where you can make changes, or click the orange “Donate ...” button, and be directed back to the 80-20EF Petition page to complete your signup.

2. Login to your existing PayPal Account

Once you login to your account, you will see the Confirm Page:

PayPal Confirm Page

You can simply click the orange “Donate ...” button on the bottom to complete the payment, (after which you will be taken back to 80-20EF Petition page to complete your signup).

If you need to modify anything in your PayPal account setup, you can click the 3 links labeled “Change...” circled red in the picture above.

In particular, click “Change” under the Payment method if you want to

  • change the credit card choice
  • add a new Credit Card
  • or modify the Credit Card information (such as the address associated with the Credit Card).
In that case you will be directed to the Funding Options page:

PayPal Funding Options

Here you can click Credit/Debit Card (circled Red) payment options rather than from a bank, or “Add Credit Card” link (circled Red) on the page, which would direct you to enter information associated with your new credit card.

After making all changes, and click "Continue", you will be taken back to the Confirmation Page to submit the donation.