Paypal Tutorial

After you click on a PayPal Donate button, you will be taken to a PayPal payment page.

As example, the page for the 100,000@$10+ Campaign looks like:

PayPal step 1

You first enter your intended donation amount (Red Circle A), and then can either
  1. pay directly by entering credit card information (Red Circle B)
  2. or login to your existing PayPal account (Red Circle C)
If you seldom use your PayPal account, or don't mind entering credit card information, you can choose the first option (Red Circle B) and need not login to a PayPal account.

If you need more help, please view our full PayPal tutorial that illustrates details of both options.

One more step after PayPal

After a successful PayPal payment, you will be automatically taken back to a 80-20EF page (as below) to fill in your Petition donation information.

After PayPal

After submitting your information, the confirmation page will show you a link to the entire Donor List.

If you have questions that these tutorials do not address, please email for help.