Donation to 80-20 Educational Foundation

We provide below many ways for you to donate. Please feel free to email for any help, including if you need to make corrections after you submitted PayPal donations, etc.

Donations are published at the SELF Fund results page.

1. Use Credit Card for 5 years subscription

Setup automatic annual donation
click to choose amount first before clicking "Subscribe"

2. Use PayPal for 5 years subscription

Just click on one of these 5 explicit donation links:

3. One-time donation with Credit Card or PayPal

4. Use Zelle

Many banks now integrate with Zelle, allowing you to issue instant payment (under $5000) to any Zelle account (identified by a phone number or an email address).

Please donate to the Zelle account:

The first time you donate, please email with your name and address which we will use for tax-receipt purposes.

5. Use checks

For large ($1000+) donations, using checks instead of PayPal can save us significant fees.

Please write your check:

  • make it payable to "80-20 EF"
  • include your email in memo line (or email in advance)
  • mail to:
    Katy Woo
    939 Beach Dr. NE, Apt 910
    St Petersburg, FL 33701

6. Other methods

Please email or if you wish to donate in any of the following ways.
  • Matching Gift: Big companies like Boeing and Adobe have "Employee Matching Gift" program. Please inquire if your company has such a program. See below for example companies.
  • Stocks: Consider donating stocks which gained huge appreciation, instead of a check. You don't pay "Capital Gains" tax on the large appreciation, and yet you may still deduct the full market value of the stock in your IRS filing.

  • Real-Estate: Huge tax value to you. For details consult us.

  • Bequeath: Again huge tax value to you. For details consult us.

Corporate Match Programs

The following 46 companies match their employees' donations to 80-20 Educational Foundation. 

  1. ableBanking
  2. Adobe
  3. Allstate
  4. Allstate Foundation
  5. American Express
  6. Amgen
  7. Amylin Pharmaceutical LLC
  8. Apple
  9. AT&T
  10. Bank of America
  11. Baxalta
  12. Benevity
  13. BMS Foundation
  14. Boeing
  15. Bristol-Myers Squibb
  16. Charities Aid Foundation America
  17. CyberGrants
  18. EOG Resources
  19. FMC Technologies
  20. FrontDoor
  21. GE Foundation
  22. GE United Way
  23. Genetech, Inc.
  24. General Electrics
  26. Google
  27. Illinois Tool Works
  28. Johnson & Johnson
  29. JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  30. Los Alamos National Laboratory
  31. Merck
  32. Microsoft
  33. Millennium
  34. Monsanto
  35. Morgan Stanley
  36. Novartis US Foundation
  37. Prudential
  38. Qualcomm
  39. RBC Capital
  40. Rockfeller Foundation
  41. Saba Capital Management
  42. Sana Capital
  43. TE Connectivity
  44. TI Foundation
  45. TripAdvisor
  46. Verizon


If YOUR company is not on the list yet, please apply. Many companies will match your donation even when it was made many months ago.